Wayne County Commissioner Kevin M. McNamara (D-Belleville) is a proven leader:

  • The only county official who balanced the budget in past 12 years through a measure he introduced as the McNamara ordinance.
  • Initiated a Juvenile Justice Program to help end the school-to-prison pipeline by moving school truancy tickets to local district courts to speed-up the process so that youth can get the counseling services necessary to address the core issues.
  • Advocates for senior programs, including Meals on Wheels funding and improving senior transportation.
  • Building on his father, Ed McNamara’s, legacy of advancing global transportation in Wayne County by being appointed to the Wayne County Airport Authority Board; ensured jobs for union labor during vendor contract negotiations even after the Republicans forced Right-to-Work on Michigan.
  • Currently leading the investigation into the Jail Debacle because the public deserves answers, and the Wayne County Commission was shut-out of the process.
  • Consistently stands up to county mismanagement, even at the risk of his political career.
  • McNamara secured parks and road funding to improve the quality of life in our communities.

McNamara was appointed Chair of the Wayne County Head Start Governing Board after initiating a program that improved Head Start student attendance to more than 80%. He has also been instrumental in ensuring three consecutive years of a balanced budget.

McNamara serves as Chair on the Executive Finance Committee at SEMCOG, southeast Michigan's regional planning agency, overseeing consecutive years of balanced budgets and a strong rainy day fund.

McNamara is a board member of WAVE (Water Access Volunteer Effort Fund), which has provided several million dollars in financial assistance to Detroit residents to help pay their water and sewerage bills.

McNamara was first elected as a Wayne County Commissioner in 2006. He has been re-elected three times. After being redistricted because he stood-up against severance packages and ghost employees, McNamara was re-elected to serve Commission District 11 in 2012 that includes Belleville, Huron Township, Romulus, Sumpter Township, Van Buren Township, Wayne and a southern portion of Westland.

As a commissioner, McNamara is Chair of the Committee on Public Services, which oversees the county's roads and bridges, ditches, and parks and recreation operations – essentially all county infrastructure. He founded and chaired the Youth Services Committee, formed in 2011, that oversees all funds and services related to youth programs in the county to include Head Start, juvenile justice, indigent childcare and the juvenile courts. He continues to serve as vice chair. McNamara also serves on the Accountability & Efficiency Committee and the Health & Human Services Committee.

Last year, McNamara graduated from the Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education program for “Senior Executives in State and Local Government.” This worthwhile education provided the insight for a
360-degree view into government and community issues before crafting and implementing solutions. McNamara also participated in the executive training program for the Wayne County Airport Authority.

McNamara is married to his wife, Aida, and has a son, Cullan, in college. McNamara studied computer science at The University of Michigan-Dearborn before opening a business and is a graduate of Livonia Stevenson High School.

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